Clearwater Bartending School - Job Placement

Clearwater Bartending School

Local Job Placement
Our Clearwater bartending school offers local job placement assistance to all of our graduates. Upon graduation, the graduate may report to the job placement office for one-on-one job placement assistance.

Our campus has a Job Placement Director whose job it is to assist each student in finding the job that they want. We work with each student until they accept the job of their choice.

Nationwide Job Placement
The student is also eligible to use our nationwide job placement program which is affiliated with the Professional Bartending Schools of America group. We currently have affiliated campuses in many great cities accross the United States and for job placement assistance.

Our Job Placement Director has a complete list of all campuses for job placement. Once the student relocates to any city where we have a placement campus, we will contact the new campus for the graduate and make all the arrangements for them. Our graduate simply reports to the new campus and their job openings are available to them.

This great service allows our graduates the opportunity to travel the United States and know they will have help in most major cities!